ASECOM is the Fashion Association from Madrid. It was founded in 1977 to promote business development in the public interest, and defend private enterprise as the core of creating jobs, wealth and economic and social welfare.

The services offered by ASECOM:

Tax Advice, Query Resolution, Fashion Sector, Training Courses for Workers and Employers, Processing Files, Management Jobs, Foreign Trade department, Searching for external funding, Grouped Aid Management, Entrepreneurs, Space Management for sector business project.

Member of Spanish Federation of Clothing Companies (FEDECON)
Member of Madrid Business Confederation (CEOE)
Founding member of the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of Design in the Community of Madrid (FUNDISMA)
Member of the Association of Global Compact (ASEPAM)

  Calle Alvarez de Baena 7 (1512,80 km)
28006 Madrid
+34 915 62 14 50