EDIH4MARCHE financed by EU

The Chamber of Commerce of Marche is among the partners of EDIH4MARCHE, one of the 13 Italian Digital Innovation Hub financed by the EU and the talian Government with the aim to create an Eurpoean network of Digital Innovation Hub. EU Commission intends to entrust to these network the transition […]

Final meeting is coming!

The Final meeting of the project is scheduled on 17th and 18th October 2022 and will be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Marche in its headquarted of Ancona.  The programme has been structured on 2 sessions. The first one will be focused on the results of the project […]

Third partners meeting on 10 and 13 September 2021

The pandemic emergency makes travels complicated, then the third partners meeting of B.I.G. will be organised online in 2 different days. Here you can find the agenda. Friday 10th September 2021 – From 9.15 to 13.00 – State of the art of the project and communication activities (CCIAAM) – Presentation […]

Business expects 2021 growth to exceed economic forecasts

Members of the Global Chambers Platform (which brings together the 16-major national and trans-national Chamber organisations from the four corners of the globe, representing 100 million companies with 1 billion employees) expects a growth rate in 202w1 faster than World Bank expectations.  Covid19 pandemic caused a historic global recession and […]