Poznan University of Economic and Business (Poland)

The definition of the Training Programme will begin with the involvement of key experts through national focus groups to analyse the current situation of the training offer in the 5 EU countries involved in the project. On the basis of the findings, the partnership experts will design the new training programme that will follow 3 dimensions: Cognitive, Operative and Behavioural.


  1. Field analysis and National Focus Groups: identification of the experts groups that will participate to the national focus group to help partners’ experts to collect information about real companies needs in term of innovation, digital and international training; organisation of focus groups, analysis of the data collected and production of a final report.
  2. Definition of the Training Programme: definition of the detailed design of teaching modules and of the structure of the training path; definition of the methodologies for classrooms sessions, e-learning, work-based learning and movie education.
  3. Definition of the organisational – management aspects of the training programme: definition of the selection criteria for participants, preparation of monitoring tools for the training programme and definition of methods to evaluate and certify learning outcomes.

Focus groups and partners activities hasve produced the final report about companies training needs:
BIG Training Programme